Types Of Whiteboards

There are many people who prefer having the attire of studying in school at home. This environment involves white boards, board markers, books, sticky notes as well as a lamp. Talking about a white board, white boards are used in almost every place which is related to the delivery of information such as schools, coaching centers, colleges, universities, factories, laboratories, offices and also important for the purposes of studying at home. White boards are very effective and efficient as compared to black boards. Black boards require chalks to write. The continuous erasing of chalk creates a big amount of chalk powder which makes the place dirty and is very hefty to be cleaned. White boards only require a marker and a duster. The ink of this market on the board creates no dirt no matter how many times it is cleaned. The beneficial feature of white boards is that they can be used without the limits of age. It means that if white boards are useful for teachers to explain equations of physics, math or chemistry and the scientists who note every single difference in the solar activities of the universe, at the same time, these white boards are similarly convenient for toddlers and young ones to teach them basics of education such as alphabetical letters, counting as well as shapes of things. 

White boards are divided into basic four types. All these types are made of different materials. 

Melamine is the type of material that is used in the creation of white boards. This is an organic material. Hydrocarbon secretion is used to soak this material. The organic material is used on a glazed paper as well as a pasteboard. This material is easily affordable for people but the as the same time, such material can face scratches and stains which remain visible until they’re removed with the help of professional repair. 

Aluminum white boards are also known as painted steel boards is another type of white boards. In such type of whiteboards, white painted is sprayed on all over the steel which is actually the surface of aluminum. This type of whiteboards makes it easier to clean the written material as compared to the melamine boards. 

Hard coat laminate board is a type of whiteboards which is known to be solid. These whiteboards are less penetrable which helps us by preventing the stains as well as scratches easily. 

Porcelain white boards are the most strong and effective whiteboards as they are made of ceramic which is flames on the layer of aluminum in the oven. The surface of such whiteboards can only be scratched with pointy materials such as knifes. Porcelain whiteboards can be used for decades without any occurrence of natural harm on the surface of the material. 

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