Quick Guide to problems tenants may face

There are minor disputes everywhere that can be solved easily by talking things through and mutual understanding. And even though not all issues are very concerning but there are some of them which can be very problematic and not easy to solve. This is when you will face a need to hire rental dispute lawyer Dubai in order to get you out of trouble and back into your house. Here we have list down a few problems which any tenant may face and in such cases, a lawyer will be your only saviour.

  • Eviction Notice

Sometimes you may not have done anything offensive but your front door could still be slapped with an eviction notice. It would be the middle of your lease time period and you will still be wondering what to do. Well, in such cases landlords can be very troublesome by bringing up irrational reasons that you won’t be able to fight without the help of a lawyer.

  • Discrimination

As shocking as this sound it is still true. There are still some people who discriminate others on the basis of their cast, colour and creed. If a tenant feels like their landlord is discriminating against them then they have all the rights to file a complaint and get back at them for the damages that they may have faced due to their discrimination mentality.

  • Backing away from responsibility

If a tenant faces some kind of wear and tear in their house which is necessary for the comfort of their daily life then it is responsibility of a landlord to get it fixed because according to the law the house belongs to the landlord and a tenant pays to reside in it. Any damage or harm which isn’t caused by the tenants should be repaired immediately by the landlord. If a landlord fails to do so, a tenant has full right to lodge a complaint against them.

While if a landlord needs to say away from all these troubles then they should opt for accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai which will manage their finances for any trouble that comes their way in future. Be prepared and don’t violate tenant’s rights because they can retaliate and you would be torn into pieces along with the property.